1% is bigger than you think.

1% is bigger than you think.
How are you handling the skyrocketing inflation ? Is this an area where you need to start making 1% improvements? 

The reality is that some people sail through tough economic times with a healthy emergency fund, little to no debt, a side hustle that pays household expenses, and a lifestyle they can dial down at a moment’s notice. For others, an economic crisis like this one is a wake-up call that their finances may not have been great to begin with. 

If the past several months have been an eye-opener for you, why not consider what kind of 1% improvement you can make today to improve your finances.

 Could you . . .
• Cancel luxury subscriptions like meal kits or water delivery?
• Sell or return sports gear you’re making payments on?
• Sell unused items on Craigslist, eBay or Facebook Marketplace?
• Look for work-at-home jobs with reputable companies?
• Build a rainy-day savings account with just $100 to start?

You Get What You Focus On
While your situation may seem impossible now, solid finances are possible if you create a plan and focus on making small steps regularly. Write down all your debts and make an extra payment on the smallest one if you can. Move any extra money you get into savings or a retirement fund. Research simple ways to get investment help such as a mutual fund company or local financial planner. Talk with your spouse and kids about researching low-cost fun, recycled fashions, home cooking, and cool volunteering options instead of expensive vacations.

Whatever 1% improvement would change YOUR finances for the better, comment below and tell me! Many times people don't know where to start, so share what works for you for others to consider as well.  Not sure where to begin yourself, then, seriously consider working with me privately to set financial goals and take action on your most important category.

Love and blessings always,
Erin Kathrine