I hope you had a great 
Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day can be filled with love, celebration, and sweet sentiments, it can also be a difficult time. 

Today, we have the ability to see what everyone else has going on in their life with the click of a button (ugh) … It’s easy to become envious while scrolling past posts from friends and family who seem to be living the perfect, fun, “highlight reel” kind of life that leaves you longing for more. 

Be careful! 

While you might enjoy seeing their posts, I’m here to remind you that nothing will steal your joy quicker than ENVY.  So, if you have found yourself envious, let me remind you, their life is not your life.   Focusing on living your Oola Life is what matters most. You can overcome envy with a heart of gratitude. 

It’s okay to stop following people if you find yourself becoming envious. In fact, it’s a really good idea to step back and rest from viewing their posts.  If envy is something you find yourself constantly struggling with, reach out!  I get it!  And I can certainly help you conquer this thief of joy. 

Life is way too short to let it conquer you.  Here for you.

Founder of Come to the Table
COLC | Speaker | Educator | MSN, RN


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