The Secret to Defeating the Enemy (Envy)

As we go into the season of Lent, here at the end of February, I just wanted to touch again on the thief of all joy, envy. 

I also wanted to remind you that if you struggle with this emotion, you are not alone. I gave you some tips in the last blog on how to rid your life of envy, however, the absolute BEST WAY to eliminate it is LOVE.  Read that again! If you find yourself envious ~ LOVE MORE!

It truly is the quickest way to defeat the enemy.   I'll share with you three simple practices that will lead to more love: 
  • Practice gratitude. 
  • Learn to forgive. 
  • Be happy for others and their success. 
Bottom line ~ LOVE ALWAYS WINS.  If you've forgotten or haven't ever been told, YOU were created by God on purpose and for a purpose.

I’ll always be here for you as you pursue your goals and live your Oola Life! Reach out any time!

The Quickest Thing to Steal Your Joy

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day can be filled with love, celebration, and sweet sentiments, it can also be a difficult time. 

Today, we have the ability to see what everyone else has going on in their life with the click of a button (ugh) … It’s easy to become envious while scrolling past posts from friends and family who seem to be living the perfect, fun, “highlight reel” kind of life that leaves you longing for more.

3 Heartfelt Ways To Show How Much You Love Them

All you need is LOVE. 

If you think about it, that statement is pretty spot on. Songs, books, and movies have forever been centered around this concept. No matter how you spin it, love really is what makes the world go ’round. Since it’s February, let's chat about LOVE.

1% is bigger than you think.

1% is bigger than you think.
How are you handling the skyrocketing inflation ? Is this an area where you need to start making 1% improvements? 

The reality is that some people sail through tough economic times with a healthy emergency fund, little to no debt, a side hustle that pays household expenses, and a lifestyle they can dial down at a moment’s notice. For others, an economic crisis like this one is a wake-up call that their finances may not have been great to begin with. 

If the past several months have been an eye-opener for you, why not consider what kind of 1% improvement you can make today to improve your finances.

How have you been feeling lately?

How have you been feeling lately?
How have you been feeling lately? 

While we’re all feeling the effects of the past two years of the global health crisis, have you considered what you can do to improve your own health and lifestyle?

One of the best outcomes of living an Oola life is getting back to the basics: adequate sleep, nutritious whole foods, time for exerciseplus setting aside time to handle longstanding conditions that cause pain, embarrassment or anxiety.
Simply starting the journey toward being fit and healthy will boost your energy, immunity and brain function. And a daily walk around the neighborhood delivers noticeable results.  If you didn't start this journey when the world came to a screeching halt, no worries.  It's never too late to begin.  Charles Dederich reminds us that "today is the first day of the rest of your life".  Truly, it's all we have as tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Recently, I introduced the idea of “1% Improvement.” Well, what’s a 1% step you could take toward better health and fitness today? Could you . . .

• Plan a healthy dinner, then take a 45-minute walk?
• Cut out the sugar from your diet starting today?
• Research The Elimination Diet to identify food sensitivity?
• Book a checkup for that annoying health condition?
• Clear a spot in your home and break out the yoga mat and gear?

For me, it began with cutting out processed sugars, then adding daily walks with a splash of gym workouts, and now I'm able to macro count and carb cycle without being overwhelmed.  One percent improvement is slow. But, consistency begets beautiful transformations along the way.  And for those days when I just don't want, having a coach for accountability has been invaluable.

Should you feel inspired, please share in the comments below your 1% improvement steps.  I'd love to cheer you on!

Love and blessings always
Erin Kathrine
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